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Wound & Medical Outreach Clinic LLC

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for Wound Management & Related Medical Care @ Home

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Serving Homebound Individuals  & Veterans Hillsborough, Polk & Manatee Co, in Tampa Bay 

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Unfortunately We are No Longer Accepting New Patients or Referrals 

We know what it means to live with a wound...

We know Chronic, Complex Wounds & Stubborn Skin Issues can be painful, embarrassing, frustrating, debilitating, smell, and contribute to other health problems becoming worse.

We know Chronic, Complex Wounds may lead to loss of independence, functioning, and ability to take care of yourself with overall decline in health requiring hospitalization or nursing home admission.

We know Chronic, Complex Wounds may worsen with prolonged sitting, pressure or hanging down legs with repeated travel to outpatient wound clinics.

We know Chronic, Complex Wounds that are not accurately diagnosed by a Board Certified Wound Provider may fail to close, linger, become infected or worsen despite the very best of products & gentle care.

We know the "difference" between Wound Care & Wound Management.  They are Very Complementary & Successful as Partners in Your Care!


We know "Wound care" includes valued Skilled Nursing assessment, education & topical care.  "Wound Management" is a Provider-Driven Comprehensive Medical Management approach. This includes medical evaluation & management of underlying causes, differential diagnosis, legal authorization of prescriptive recommendations, conservative out-patient procedures, preventing & managing complex complications.

We know the BEST outcomes occur when Wound Management, Wound Care, You, Your Family, Care Teams, and Primary Care Provider work together as a TEAM.

We know determining Your Personal Goals and developing a Common-Sense, Evidence Based Medical Plan setting up step-by-step milestones for success works.

We know Chronic, Complex Wounds & stubborn skin issues may dominant your and your Caregiver's life, physically, emotionally, financially and socially.

We Know You Don't Need to Be Miserable

It's Personal

Maybe we should talk about it 



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More Info About Us-Specializing in Personalized Complex Wound Management

Wound & Medical Outreach Clinic LLC, in the Tampa Bay area,  was founded to serve individuals and families living with complex wounds. As a mobile medical house call service, our Florida Licensed,Board Certified Wound Specialists, develop personalized medical wound management plans to meet the unique needs of home-bound patients, Veterans, Fragile Silver Seniors, and those who recently discharged from acute hospitalization and rehab facilities experiencing this complex health issue.  We actively communicate with your Primary Care Provider and Health Teams to coordinate this personalized Plan of Care to meet your Health Care Goals.

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Mission Statement

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Our Mission is to promote healing, control the total impact of wounding on one's life and reduce the pain and suffering of individuals and families ​living with complex wounds in their home setting. 

We do this by developing Your  Unique Medical Management Plan based on Your Personal Health Goals.  This requires personalizing care by listening to you and your family to develop a practical, realistic approach and goals.  

This approach provides a foundation to developing Your Medical Wound Plan.  Components include a comprehensive physical exam & wound evaluation and management, addressing chronic and acute illness issues, prescribing medications, treatments, & durable medical equipment, conservative outpatient minor surgical procedures as needed, adhering to standards of care by the American Board of Wound Management, assessing your available resources that affect health and communicating with all members of your health care team. 

Why take Wounds Personally?
It is essential to personalize the medical plan to one's unique needs.  Not one size fits all!  

(Your body may not have read the textbook or followed an algorithm). 

Developing strategies to minimize symptoms, challenges, as well as risk factors for complications such as infection or depression are based on your situation. 

Yes, strategies include applying the evidence-based medicine, standards of care, management of acute & underlying chronic disease but they must be tailored to you.  

Above all else, we recognize wounds are unique to each individual.  

Wounds are deeply personal, and  may be really miserable.  


                       Our Mission is to Develop a Personal, Effective Medical Plan to Meet Your Health Goals


March 2020 Additional Info for Expanded House Call Services:

Medical  House Call  &Telehealth Visits for  General Internal Medicine/Primary Care

Please note, although our specialty is Wound Management, we bring 30 plus years of complex medical management as a foundation for working with complicated illness with our Seniors who wish to Age-in-Place as well as those who interact with them as Caregivers and Community Contacts.   

Please contact us to discuss this time-limited addition to our service to meet today's unique challenges.

Examples of Wound Related Conditions Treated

                  • Acute and Chronic Non-Healing Wounds
                  • Skin Infection and Conditions
                  • Advanced Chronic Disease States Contributing to Wound Development
                  • Acute and Chronic Health Issues Associated with Wounding

Wound/Derm Specific Technical Skills and Outpatient Procedures

These are conservative outpatient wound and dermatologic outpatient procedures perfected over decades of repetition and prior hospital credentialing. Examples of conservative procedures include incision and drainage of infection, wound debridement, biopsy, laceration/skin tear repair, and cryotherapy using a topical spray or local injection of anesthetic agents as needed.

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