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Wound & Medical Outreach Clinic LLC

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CDC Precautions with  Home/Facility Medically Necessary  House Calls & Facility On-Site Visits 

for Wound Management & Related Medical Care @ Home

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Serving Homebound Individuals  & Veterans Hillsborough, Polk & Manatee Co, in Tampa Bay 

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Your “Boots on the Ground” Certified Medical Wound Providers


Service Overview

Wound & Medical Outreach Clinic LLC, based out of the Tampa Bay Area, provides medical house calls and on-site personalized, medical wound management plans for home-bound individuals with complex wound and skin health issues challenged by complex health concerns and advanced disease processes. We carefully screen to verify if a PPE protective On-site visit is indicated and consider Telehealth Visits for those able to participate accurately.

Home settings include: 

  • Private Residence
  • Senior Living
  • ILF
  • ALF
  • LTC
  • Group Home

Coordination is provided with your primary care provider, home health team, and specialists as requested.


Minor Outpatient Surgical Procedures:

  • Conservative Wound Debridement with Topical Anesthesia to-
    • Control Infection, Drainage & Odor
    • Reduce Pain
    • Remove Dead Tissue to Allow Healing 
    • Reset the Healing Cascade
  • Cyrotherapy to destroy at Risk Skin Lesions, and Warts
  • Laceration and Skin Tear Repair Minor Suture

  • Conservative Biopsy for 
    • Identification of Causes of Skin Lesions, 
    • Reduce Risk of Progression,  and Complications
    • Identify Specific Micro-Organisms for Targeted Antibiotic treatment
  • Incision and Drainage of Abscess with local or topical anesthesia to Resolve or Control Infection
  • Additional Procedures Available 

Specific Wound Specialist Provider Services and Details

Consults/Referrals Chronic and Complex Wounds or High Risk for Wounding or Consults/Referrals From Your Primary Care Provider, Specialists, and/or Health Teams

This is to medically evaluate and manage home/facility-bound individuals experiencing complex, chronic wounds or at high risk for developing chronic wounds. Our clinic focuses on specialty medical evaluation and management by Florida Licensed Medical Providers with National Board Certification as Wound Specialist, CWS designation..

Evidence-based Comprehensive Medical Wound Management

We are consistent with standards of the American Board of Wound Management by Certified Wound Specialists, American Geriatric Society,  NIH and CDC.

Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, Conservative Outpatient Wound, and Dermatologic Procedures

These are based on cautious evaluation of risks/benefits, evaluation, and management of contributing health problems/diagnosis that influence wound outcomes.


We maintain consistent communication to keep everyone on the same page. Our home health teams work closely with providers, wound care nurses, and healthcare teams to communicate the medical plan as well as coordinate recommendations and orders, services, DME, and prescriptive interventions.

Develop Personalized, Practical Wound Goals With Advanced Care Planning Education

We listen to you and your family to assist in defining your health goals to develop a traditional, palliative, or common sense medical plan and approach to personalize your care. We use plain language and the Five Wishes approach for Advanced Care Planning education.

Post-Acute/Hospital or Rehab Follow-Up Visits

This is for those in transition with recent complicated illness with complex wounds or at very high risk for developing wounds. It focuses not only on managing your wound and associated causes but also on ongoing evaluation for early detection of complications and prompt intervention to avert.

Prevent Avoidable Hospitalization,Re-Admissions and Complications

 We prevent hospitalization, readmission and avoidable complications associated with acute/chronic wounds by working with  you as a Whole Individual, Personalizing and Communicating your Personalized Plan of Care.

Non-Healing Wounds contribute to limb loss as well as severe systemic infection affecting all body systems resulting in hospital admissions.

 We understand that as one ages the signs and symptoms of infection and complications present very differently than in the younger crowd.  An example of this may be one may not have a fever but a low temperature with severe infection.    Infection from a wound may initially present as confusion, imbalance and falls with fracture.  As one's immune system ages one may not have the classic redness and swelling associated with skin infection of a skin tear.

We know living with Complex, non-healing wounds can have much more subtle effects.  Social isolation, depression, increased nutritional needs and withdrawal can contribute to overall decline in health.   This decline may set the stage for major health events that lead to hospitalization.

 It is essential to personalize the medical plan to one's unique needs.  This includes incorporating the science, developing strategies to minimize symptoms as well as risk factors for complications such as  infection or depression. Strategies include applying the evidence-based medicine, standards of care,  manage acute & underlying chronic disease.   

 Above all else, we recognize wounds are unique to each individual, deeply personal, may be really miserable and must be managed with a personalized approach.

This is how we keep you out of the hospital and prevent complications.

Facilitate Provider and Team Communication With Circle of Care

This assures communication with primary care and referring providers to keep apprised of status and complete the circle of care via Kareo EHR or HIPPA secure fax.

We exceed the standard of care by applying experience from across the health care spectrum, observing an evidenced-based yet practical, common sense approach to develop health goals. We set realistic goals based on a comprehensive evaluation of chronic illness and advanced directives as well as by genuinely listening to patients, families, and team members.

We promote efficiency in care delivery, reducing costs through cost-analysis of available resources and personalizing care.

We maximize and measure outcomes, implement evidenced-based medicine, demonstrate technical expertise, and provide practical, realistic recommendations.

Reduce Referring Provider and Home Health Team Liability

We provide in-home medical supervision, actively communicate status and recommendations, follow ICD 10 coding to the highest level of specificity, and provide definitive recommendations/orders based on medical evidence, evaluation, and documentation of medical necessity related to chronic wounds

Additional Important Info for Interested Patients and Referring Team Members

House call medical services may include the following. We will discuss which services below can be provided at the initial visit based on hands-on medical evaluation and your goal of care.

  • Medical Boots on the Ground
    Eyes and Ears for the PCP With Coordination for Home Health, Family, and Caregivers
  • National Board-Certified Wound Specialist (CWS®) Medical Providers for Evidence-Based Acute and Chronic Wound Management

    Specialty Management to Provide Best Practices

  • Conservative Out-Patient Procedures, Such as Incision and Drainage (I&D), Laceration/Skin Tear Repair, Biopsy, and Wound Debridement

  • Chronic Health Condition Management, Such as Medication Management and DME Medical Necessity Associated With Wounding
  • Common-Sense Care and/or Palliative Medical Plans for Those Who Are Not Ready for Hospice but Have Advanced Age or End-Stage Disease and Decline Traditional Medical Management

    Medical Support for Symptom Management and Health Goals of Aging in Place

  • Ethos-Based Management for Our Veterans 


Proud Participating Provider for Medicare Part B of Florida & Florida Medicaid.  June 1st--VACCN Optum for Veteran's

Please contact us to verify your eligibility for commercial insurers.